Limit your development costs and time to market
by relying on our expertise both “product” and “process”

Since 1995, we have assembled a catalog of more than 2,500 instruments
standard and orthopedic (some CE marked by OURY-GUYE)

We also offer Customizable Technical Solutions with our 80/20 or 20/80 concept

We can also:

– Assisting you in your own developments up to mass production
– Provide you with our help in your design transfers, strengthening our partnership
– Perform phase operations such as turning-milling-laser marking, passivation.

Our strengths:

– Mastery of materials and treatments
– Manufacturing process, traceability
– Know-How (4 best Craftsmen in France)
– A robust Quality system
– Responsiveness
– Short deadlines


We cultivate these strengths every day thanks to your trust

Thanks to our partnership with the engineering firm Imprint Médical, we are able to assist you in your developments in order to
to adapt our entire catalog and our solutions to your needs (Study, Prototyping, Tests, Series manufacturing).

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